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SunPlus Range

About The SunPlus Range

The SunPlus is our entry-level range, designed and engineered for the hobby or home horticulturist looking for a cost-effective indoor lighting solution. The SunPlus features a powerful LumiLed LED module with a built-in passive cooling system.


The SunPlus range is available in either 150watts or 240watts. This is a full spectrum light that offers the option for the user to have the Meanwell driver either on or off the board. The outer frame is built from 100% recycled plastics. The board on this product is covered by a thorough 3-5 year warranty. The PCB boards and diodes are covered for 3 years and drivers for 5 years, the product is available for nationwide delivery across South Africa.

SunPlus Range

Product Features


Meanwell Drivers

The world's top pioneer of standard power supplies.


Passive Cooling

Featuring our custom-designed integrated cooling system.


IP68 Joiners

High quality waterproof & extendable IP68 joiners.

Lumiled LEDs

A widely used and trusted high efficiency LED diode.


Recycled Materials

Outer frames made from recycled plastics.


Made With Love

Handcrafted with love in South Africa by the Phoenix Sky team.

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