BudMaster 120

BudMaster 120

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The BudMaster 120watt is a high-efficiency quantum board powered by the latest Samsung LED diodes. The range is tried and tested for all plants in all stages of growing allowing the grower to achieve rapid plant and bud growth reaching maximum quality and quantity while avoiding energy expenses & overheating experienced by HPS systems. This product has been designed, engineered, and tested in South Africa by our team at Phoenix Sky. 



L 305 x 218 x 65


  • High-efficiency Samsung 301b/h diodes.
  • Samsung 351h for reds or blues.
  • Designed to replace a 300Wwatt HID.
  • Full-spectrum featuring reds or blues.
  • Innovative passive cooled design.
  • Recycled plastics.
  • Meanwell Power Supply included.
  • 3-year warranty on all diodes and PCB boards.
  • 5-year warranty on Meanwell driver.