Internationally Inspired

Locally Engineered

A proudly South African designed and developed Quantum Board engineered for optimum results for both the hobby or commercial horticulturist.

About Phoenix Sky

Designed For The Connoisseur

Available for delivery to anywhere in South Africa with 3 to 5-year warranties and hands-on after-sales support. 

Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide door to door delivery, limited to South Africa.

Product Warranties

3 year warranties on all boards and 5 years on all drivers.

Made In South Africa

Design & engineering is done in-house ensuring superior quality.

The SunPlus Range

Designed for the hobby or home horticulturist looking for a cost-effective indoor lighting solution.

Lumiled LEDs

A widely used and trusted high efficiency LED diode.

Meanwell Drivers

The world's top pioneer of standard power supplies.

IP68 Joiners

High quality waterproof & extendable IP68 joiners.

Passive Cooling

Featuring our custom-designed integrated cooling system.

Our Products

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We offer a wide range of lights designed to suit the needs of any space or yield requirement.

SunPlus 150

R2 699.00

SunPlus 200

R3 499

BudMaster 240S

R5 999

BudMaster 480

R11 999.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of the Doggie Chicken Chips?

If treated like a potato chip and kept sealed, our Doggie Chicken Chips will last a very long time. They don’t require refrigeration and we recommend that you put them in a tightly sealed container to keep air from getting to them, however, dogs have let us know that they don’t care if chips get soft.

Have the Doggie Chicken Chips been laboratory-tested and analyzed?

Yes. Our products are tested by a private laboratory that is certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

How are the Doggie Chicken Chips cooked?

We dehydrate the Doggie Chicken Chips for a certain period of time. This process locks in all of the natural, healthy nutrients inherent in the chicken.

Have the Doggie Chicken Chips ever been recalled?

Never. Our products are simple, fresh and produced with US-sourced ingredients in the controlled environment of our industrial kitchen in Florida.

Can puppies eat Doggie Chicken Chips?

Puppies come in many different sizes and temperaments. It is important to use your good judgement and understand your puppy. If your puppy is old enough to chew and swallow kibble, then our Doggie Chicken Chips should be fine. Of course, it is always important to watch your puppy when giving a treat to see if he/she is chewing and swallowing properly.

Does Kennelmaster Foods, Inc. sell their Doggie Chicken Chips retail?

No. Our Doggie Chicken Chips are only available directly through your local store. If your local store does not carry them, please contact us with their information and we will contact them for you.

How can I start to sell Doggie Chicken Chips in my store?

Simply fill out our retailer form and we’ll get right back to you.

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